Carpet cleaning at a childrens play centre

Baron Cleaning today returned to a regular customer of ours. A local play centre gets their carpets cleaned around once a year however, the indoor play centre has recently undergone refurbishment and required their carpets cleaning, so who else to call but Barons Carpet Cleaning services! The carpet at the local play centre has been there for around 6 or 7 years and as you can imaging, it gets quite dirty. The play centre owners were considering replacing the carpet, but having consulted Baron Cleaning Services, we convinced them we could get it back in shape – and that we did! Baron Cleaning worked on cleaning the carpet out of hours, so there was little disruption to the business. The carpet had some tough stains including food and drinks. The owner was really impressed with the results and agreed that a clean carpet enhanced the customer and childs experience at the play centre.

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Written by Stan Baron