Home carpet cleaning

Baron cleaning home carpet cleaning services were yet again urgently called upon this week. One of our regular domestic customers required her home carpet cleaning after the old boiler she was getting replaced leaked all over her brand new carpet.

As the plumbers were taking the old boiler out of her home, a few rusty black drops found their way on to Mrs Burton’s newly laid cream colored carpet in her home. As you can imagine she was not happy. So who did she ring first? The Insurance company? No, Baron’s home carpet cleaning services of course. Whenever she gets a spill or stain on her carpets she rings us. For a fraction of her insurance excess premium we got her carpet back looking like new again, much to the delight of the boiler fitters and Mrs Burton.

So the next time you get a spill or stain on your carpet, think of Baron’s cleaning services and our professional home carpet cleaning services as it may save you a lot of stress.

For home carpet cleaning services call Baron’s on 01200 426516.

Written by Stan Baron